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Intellectual property

At the moment, four technical solutions are protected as know-how. The company framed the relevant documentation (Order № 01RKT from 21 December 2012 “On the introduction of the regime of trade secrets and confidentiality forms of information constituting a trade secret of "MAHYDY"").

Titles of technical solutions:

  • Method of manufacturing the MHD lock;
  • MHD lock for holding molten metal in a channel section with a size of 15 to 10 mm - the design of the device;
  • MHD lock - operation of the device when exposed to a solid metal body;
  • Metallization bath with an integrated heating system for zinc and aluminum - design of the device.

The last three solutions are potentially worldwide patentable.

Additionally another three technical solutions are potentially patentable:

  • MHD lock for holding molten metal in a channel section with a size of 70 to 70 mm;
  • Complex for continuous metallization of steel products;
  • Magneto friction engine system for transporting workpieces on the shop floor.
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We congratulate all of our partners and colleagues a Happy New Year! Good luck, joy and happiness in the New Year!

Happy New Year

Mahydy signed an agreement on $ 50 K pre-seed soft loan with Imprimatur Capital. 



Latvian company SIA "MAHYDY engIneering" registered! 

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